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UPDATED 9/15/2016:

Missile Command for the HTC Vive

prototype for the End of Summer Game Jam

Try to last as many waves as you can

It's a remake of the classic Missile command, but in 3d for VR

Trigger fires a missile towards the target above the controller. You can press the touchpad on the controller to extend the target point outwards.

Squeeze the grips to pull the world around you. You can scroll through the world this way. Gripping both controllers at the same time allows you to grow or shrink the world.

You have 36 missiles per wave, your ammo count will refill at the beginning of each new wave.

One building will be replaced each wave. When you lose all your buildings the game ends.

More information

Published Aug 29, 2016
TagsVirtual Reality
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsHTC Vive

Install instructions

Extract the zip, launch the exe


missilecommand.zip 28 MB


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32 bit version not available ,make one plz :(

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Awesome game guys, really fun! I couldn't figure out how to restart once I was dead. Thanks for the game +1